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First Date Ideas

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  • Alynna ( 38 / C / Saint Cloud, FL )

    ethnic food with amazing window view setting perhaps like in NYC

  • Tyson2 ( 30 / C / Biddeford, ME )


  • ellaxx69 ( 21 / C / Melbourne, Victoria )

    A culinary dinner, followed by a concert or an opera, finishing with cocktails and late-night, dreamy confessions in a secluded, high-rise bar/lounge.

  • KarltonBlack ( 35 / C / San Antonio, TX )

    4🌟-5🌟 dining to get an acquainted feel of the other. Then, ideally speaking, an aquarium. The ambiance is somber and private, although in a public.

  • Willccub ( 20 / C / Hawthorne, CA )

    Lets be the chef tonight we can learn how to make a five star meal prepared like it came from france beautiful wines nice sheets smells and taste and best of all we habe the most important ingrediants each other

  • Goldflipflops ( 21 / C / San Tan Valley, AZ )

    I prefer ordering in some pizza and watching some movies and just chilling rather than going out

  • dustyn97 ( 19 / C / Indianapolis, IN )

    candlelight dinner and then we go for a long walk

  • Rg5764569 ( 26 / C / Tucson, AZ )

    I will love to go wherever you want to go am down for whatever you want to do

  • CollegeMatt18 ( 19 / C / Mc Lean, VA )

    I would take us to Chima, an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse in Virginia. We would enjoy our dinner, and then we would go shopping at Tysons or Tysons II whichever you prefer.

  • Decheon ( 33 / C / Jackson, MS )

    Let's have a nice homecooked meal with candles and flowers and i'll cater to you and give you anything you ask

  • jefebanks ( 28 / C / Markham, IL )

    just want to make you feel comfortablle in the situation we're in.

  • AllOblivion ( 25 / C / Gillette, NJ )

    I'm not particular - I'm interested in a way to get to know someone in person, which usually requires sitting down and talking face to face. Interpersonal communication is paramount.

  • Blkelegance ( 69 / C / Las Vegas, NV )

    Have a nice dinner in a quiet place where we can talk and get to know each other. After dinner fine a nice lounge where we can listen to a live jazz band.

  • SteveS1990 ( 27 / C / Liverpool, England - Merseyside )

    Meal and some wine at your place?

  • trieste_cub ( 27 / C / Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia )

    The place is not important - the people make it that. AND.. there is no date without a moon-shine walk: that's when you really get to know the other person.

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